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Discover Hong Kong 

Extend your travels in China with a 3 day stay in Hong Kong. Explore Hong Kong's enchanting neighborhoods and islands. Discover for yourself the fact that over 70% of Hong Kong is mountains and sprawling country parks, some also home to geological and historical gems. So whether it's wandering through the bustling street markets or experiencing the excellent cuisine Hong Kong has to offer or exploring the country parks, you will for sure be pleased with the vibrant cultural scene of

Hong Kong. 

Broaden your perspective with the world around you.

Our 3 Day Tour includes:

  • Visit the Kowloon Peninsula (Mainland Hong Kong)

  • Explore Hong Kong Island, Victoria Peak, Sky Terrace 

  • Discover the beauty of Lantau Island and The Big Buddha 

  • Feast on all the excellent local cuisines Hong Kong has to offer

  • Air ticket from Xi'an to Hong Kong and return air ticket home from Hong Kong. 


Day 1: Arrive in Hong Kong from Xi'an. Today’s all about market hopping, eating, and checking out some architectural sites and gardens. Visit Kowloon Park and bargain shop at The Ladies market where there is 100 stalls of bargain clothing, accessories, and souvenirs. 

Day 2:  Tour the breathtaking Hong Kong Island. Explore Victoria Park, Sky Terrace, and the other Hong Kong Island sites.

Day 3: Visit Lantau Island, the Big Buddha, and the Wisdom Path.

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